Thursday, March 29, 2007

Report Cards and Inconsolable Crying

Well, J woke up this morning with a fever of 101.4 and a red welt the size of my thumb where he had received one of his shots. So after speaking with the nurse a couple of times, I took him back to the doctor. The reaction was within the range of normal, but he seems to be one of the sensitive kids they told me. He has spent the day either sleeping or crying inconsolably. He seemed to be feeling a bit better before bedtime. I sure hope he's much improved by tomorrow. The nurse practitioner we saw seemed to think he would be.

In other news, I tallied of my averages for S and D's school work so far. D had all A's, very high A's. I think his lowest average was 95. And this despite me moving him up to second grade curriculum. S had one very high A in language arts, a B in Science, a B in Social Studies (all of these are a grade level ahead for him), and a B in math. And S was upset, quite upset that he didn't have straight A's. We talked about he's doing very challenging accelerated work, and he should be quite pleased with his work. I am. But he wants nothing less than perfection from himself. How do you deal with that? I wish I knew..because I have the same kind of hangup.. I'm never pleased with my accomplishments, no mater how well I do. Bah... I hate that I'm passing my hangups on to my kids. :(


Ken said...

Tell S. that I said I was very impressed and pleased with his grades.

kim said...

i'm also very impressed- there is nothing wrong with B's, especially when you are working on things that are challenging.

Juliet said...

Maybe give S. the option of doing grade level work and being able to achieve straight A's (and maybe being bored) or having more interesting, challenging work a grade ahead and that B's are fine. You could remind him that if D had been born 18 days earlier D would be in 2nd Grade now.