Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On being the only girl and multiplication...

There are many advantages to being the only girl in my house. For example, there are never long lines for the bathroom. No one takes my clothes. No catty arguing. And my sons have me on a pedestal....all lovely things indeed. (And growing up in a house full of sisters, I don't take these things for granted!) But then sometimes I get voted down quickly- like when it comes time to see a movie for example.

Last night we went to see the new Ninja Turtles movie. It was alright. The guys all loved it. J watched it intently. The animation was spectacular, I'll give it that. But I would still have preferred to see The Last Mimzy.

In other news, J can now roll both ways and last night was attempting to scoot. I fear that mobility is right around the corner! So that means it's time to baby proof and set up a safe playing/crawling area. That will be this weekends project for DK and myself.

In schooling news, S and I have begun an intensive multiplication learning program. Once we began homeschooling in January, I realized why math was such a horrible chore for him- he didn't know his times tables! He was trying to do long division without knowing his times tables! Yikes! So we slowed down, and actually dropped back a grade in math. (He is now working on grade level as opposed to a year ahead while we fill in the multiplication gaps) And now it makes perfect sense why he went from a math loving 2nd grader (who was on grade level) to a math hating 3rd grader (who was jumped a year ahead to a 4th grade math level), but the time he was a 4th grader he had quite the case of math anxiety and believe he was just incapable of doing math. Hopefully we are now rectifying that.

Also, I signed us up for a cool science project, doing research for the Canadian Space Agency. We are all very excited about that!

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