Thursday, March 29, 2007

Report Cards and Inconsolable Crying

Well, J woke up this morning with a fever of 101.4 and a red welt the size of my thumb where he had received one of his shots. So after speaking with the nurse a couple of times, I took him back to the doctor. The reaction was within the range of normal, but he seems to be one of the sensitive kids they told me. He has spent the day either sleeping or crying inconsolably. He seemed to be feeling a bit better before bedtime. I sure hope he's much improved by tomorrow. The nurse practitioner we saw seemed to think he would be.

In other news, I tallied of my averages for S and D's school work so far. D had all A's, very high A's. I think his lowest average was 95. And this despite me moving him up to second grade curriculum. S had one very high A in language arts, a B in Science, a B in Social Studies (all of these are a grade level ahead for him), and a B in math. And S was upset, quite upset that he didn't have straight A's. We talked about he's doing very challenging accelerated work, and he should be quite pleased with his work. I am. But he wants nothing less than perfection from himself. How do you deal with that? I wish I knew..because I have the same kind of hangup.. I'm never pleased with my accomplishments, no mater how well I do. Bah... I hate that I'm passing my hangups on to my kids. :(

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shots! :(

J had his 4 month check up this morning. It kinda put our whole day off as far as school goes. I hate morning appointments because they disrupt our schedule so much, I never feel like we accomplish nearly what we should on those days.

But the good news is that J looks good. He also got 4 shots and has been pretty miserable today. Shots always make him feel ikky. So he's been fussy and clingy and I'm exhausted. Comforting miserable babies can wear you out! He's now sleeping in the swing. Whew!

Here's hoping that tomorrow and Friday are super productive days!

On being the only girl and multiplication...

There are many advantages to being the only girl in my house. For example, there are never long lines for the bathroom. No one takes my clothes. No catty arguing. And my sons have me on a pedestal....all lovely things indeed. (And growing up in a house full of sisters, I don't take these things for granted!) But then sometimes I get voted down quickly- like when it comes time to see a movie for example.

Last night we went to see the new Ninja Turtles movie. It was alright. The guys all loved it. J watched it intently. The animation was spectacular, I'll give it that. But I would still have preferred to see The Last Mimzy.

In other news, J can now roll both ways and last night was attempting to scoot. I fear that mobility is right around the corner! So that means it's time to baby proof and set up a safe playing/crawling area. That will be this weekends project for DK and myself.

In schooling news, S and I have begun an intensive multiplication learning program. Once we began homeschooling in January, I realized why math was such a horrible chore for him- he didn't know his times tables! He was trying to do long division without knowing his times tables! Yikes! So we slowed down, and actually dropped back a grade in math. (He is now working on grade level as opposed to a year ahead while we fill in the multiplication gaps) And now it makes perfect sense why he went from a math loving 2nd grader (who was on grade level) to a math hating 3rd grader (who was jumped a year ahead to a 4th grade math level), but the time he was a 4th grader he had quite the case of math anxiety and believe he was just incapable of doing math. Hopefully we are now rectifying that.

Also, I signed us up for a cool science project, doing research for the Canadian Space Agency. We are all very excited about that!

Monday, March 26, 2007

A case of the wiggles

I think Spring Fever must have hit our house. It was incredibly hard for anyone to stay on task today. S and D moaned about working, and I can't say as I blame was gorgeous outside. They played outside for about an hour after lunch, but then I insisted they come in and finish schoolwork..which they were working on until after 4 pm! Every time they began an assignment, they got sidetracked and it took forever to finish anything it seemed. We weren't even able to make it to our martial arts class this afternoon because they were still finishing up the days assignments.

I have decided that a picnic table is a desperately needed addition to our back patio. I would have loved to have held school outside today.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Hello, and welcome to my blog. This blog will give you a glimpse into my daily life. Perhaps you are a friend, or a family member, or someone who has just stumbled across this page. As this is my first post, it seems fitting and right that I tell you a bit about me.

I am a 30 year old wife and mother of 3 boys. My husband is DK- he's a systems administrator and all around geek. In August we will have been married 11 years. He's a great husband and dad. We have alot of fun just being silly and goofy with each other and our kids! My eldest son, S, is almost 10. He is a video game fanatic. He loves science fiction and fantasy. My middle son is D. He is seven and a half. He loves the arts in any form or fashion. Be it painting, ceramics, or music- he is drawn to it. He is a very sweet and loving child. My youngest son is J. He is 4 months old. His primary interests are eating, sleeping, and diaper filling. He also loves watching the antics of his elder brothers!!

What about me? Well, aside from my kids, my other interests are reading, being outdoors, and being with friends. I love music, and can sing some mean karaoke! I also study martial arts with my boys and while I aspire to be a black belt someday I am also struggling with shedding quite a bit of excess weight. And trying to return to a fitness program after having a baby is miserable I tell you...absolutely miserable!

I am homeschooling my older 2 boys. So most of my days are spent teaching the older ones and nursing the younger one. I hope to update this blog daily...but I'm pretty don't hold me to that! :-)