Sunday, March 25, 2007


Hello, and welcome to my blog. This blog will give you a glimpse into my daily life. Perhaps you are a friend, or a family member, or someone who has just stumbled across this page. As this is my first post, it seems fitting and right that I tell you a bit about me.

I am a 30 year old wife and mother of 3 boys. My husband is DK- he's a systems administrator and all around geek. In August we will have been married 11 years. He's a great husband and dad. We have alot of fun just being silly and goofy with each other and our kids! My eldest son, S, is almost 10. He is a video game fanatic. He loves science fiction and fantasy. My middle son is D. He is seven and a half. He loves the arts in any form or fashion. Be it painting, ceramics, or music- he is drawn to it. He is a very sweet and loving child. My youngest son is J. He is 4 months old. His primary interests are eating, sleeping, and diaper filling. He also loves watching the antics of his elder brothers!!

What about me? Well, aside from my kids, my other interests are reading, being outdoors, and being with friends. I love music, and can sing some mean karaoke! I also study martial arts with my boys and while I aspire to be a black belt someday I am also struggling with shedding quite a bit of excess weight. And trying to return to a fitness program after having a baby is miserable I tell you...absolutely miserable!

I am homeschooling my older 2 boys. So most of my days are spent teaching the older ones and nursing the younger one. I hope to update this blog daily...but I'm pretty don't hold me to that! :-)

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kim said...

i look forward to reading more. you forgot to mention you are quite the animal lover in your other interests- at least, i assume you are. all evidence points to that as truth. so far though, it has been entertaining.