Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hectic Weekend

I haven't posted for a while. My father has been in the hospital. He was in ICU for several days, but is doing better now, though he hasn't been discharged yet. I've been running back and forth between home and the hospital, which is about an hour away.

Monday, there was no schooling accomplished at all, but Tuesday and today we worked hard and made up for it. Tomorrow we have our co-op and then we'll trek back over to the hospital. Friday we have an event that S has been waiting for all year! The local university has a top rated vet school...and this vet school is having an open house. DK even has the day off (for Good Friday), and we can all go on this field trip together.

This weekend I will simultaneously be catching up on everything from this week, and preparing for a big trip we have planned towards the end of next week. We are taking next week off from school (Lucky kids get 2 spring breaks!) Though we have to make it up by running a week longer into the summer. I am only hoping my dad is better and out of the hospital before we leave..otherwise I'm not sure what will happen!

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