Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preparing to move and little thespians

Helloo faithful friends!

I apologize at my silence, and lack of updates. I haven't been much in a writing mood recently..which doesn't mean anything is wrong..I just haven't been writing.

So here's the scoop: last week D and his class had an amazing opportunity...some West Afriacn performers came to his school and worked with his class for a whole week. They learned about African dance, music, culture, and a bit of Swahili! They were also invited to perform with the group at a local arts festival. This was a big deal!! Here is my 8 year old in his youtube debut:

My 11 year has a class play tonight...he's excited and rather nervous. So I'll perhaps have some photos or video to share of him as a norse giant.

And we're moving, in 2 and a half weeks! W00t! I've begun the packing/cleaning process..but there is still plenty to do!

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Kacy said...

Ack! The You tube video didn't work. I must see your youngest in all his glory! :)