Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight Loss Progress

1/12/2008 -3 lbs

1/22/2008 -11 lbs

1/27/2008 -12 lbs

1/30/2008 -14 lbs

For some reason I forgot to record any weights in Feb 2008.

3/10/2008 -22 lbs

5/15/2008 -8 lbs Lost my focus for a while and regained.. GRRR


mhechi said...

(I used to be a personal trainer...long ago. Then I had 4 kids in 7 years, the 10 pounder was the lightest. Nursed all of them....for a long time) But, losing 22 lbs. since Jan. 12 is amazing! Congrats to you!! It's that swimming/water excercise and your dedication!....yes, I"m biased.. I swim with 30,40,50,60 yr.olds and one 76 yr. old guy every week. The 76 yr. old leads our lane on Sunday and it's me and two 30 yr. old tri-athletes...we have a hard time keeping up with him. On Thurs. nights a 60 yr. old world champ female Ironman competitor joins us. She's a good inspiration.:) So, here's to years and years of more healthy swimming/water excercise!!! Good luck to you!!!So fewer injuries and such a mental boost!
The 60yr. old ironman woman was interviewed on t.v. earlier this year as she came out of the mall during a blizzard. They asked her what she thought of all the terrible heavy snow....she just smiled and told them "it's beautiful and I love it!" I laughed so hard since clearly they asked the wrong person.....she wasn't going to give them the whining and complaining they were looking for. :)

Kathy said...

Thank you. In all honesty if was the loss of Meredith that rekindled my fire. Long ago I decided I wanted to teach martial arts. (It was through out MA school that I knew Mere.) And then I got lazy and lost focus, had a baby..yada yada. After this tragedy I decided it was time to get my back side in gear, loose the weight, resume my martial arts training, and dedicate myself to teaching and empowering young women. (Not the Mere needed any help with empowerment- at the young age of 24, she was one of the most empowered young ladies I've ever met! But many others do need empowerment.)

Shelley said...

Wow! Congratulations! I need to lose about 45 more myself. I've slowed down a lot, but I've lost about 50 lbs in the last year! We should keep each other accountable. I'm so bad about skipping meals and then feeling so hungry I could rip an arm off one of the kids and eat it. Usually I opt for something quick and naughty instead. :(

kim said...

kick ass kathy...good job on the weight loss! i'm rooting for you.

Kacy said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm happy to hear it's going so well for you!

Anonymous said...

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