Monday, March 10, 2008

Weightloss. Gymnastics, and toddler antics

I've officially lost 22 lbs since about the second week of January. I'm going to water aerobics religiously and semi-following the south beach diet. (well I'm mostly following it) Yay me! 22 lbs is sort of a drop in the bucket in terms of what I need to lose overall, but it's a good start.

My middle monkey, D (the 8 year old) wants to begin gymnastics. There's a place near our house that offers boys classes for 8 and up, and he's psyched. I can't imagine a kid more built for gymnastics than D. He's lean, wiry, and has vast quantities of energy to burn. He does random things like shimmying up a climbing wall perhaps the rings will present him with sufficient challenge.

And lastly, I took Baby J to a Le Leche League toddler meeting today. I don't particularly need the breastfeeding help, considering J is my third baby, but I am starting to feel like he needs the social interaction. He didn't quite know what to make of all the little people his size. This is a completely new experience for him! And he was rather uncertain about the little girl his age who was determined to put a hat on his head. J would toddle away, and she'd follow holding out the hat. Wherever he went, she was right behind, reaching for his head. Whenever he would pause to look at something, she'd assault him with the knit cap. He was rather unsure of her (and the hat) and she was determined!

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Shelley said...

Are you gonna wait till you move to sign him up in gymnastics? My kids wanna do it too! Maybe we could all go together! J and my little Daredevil could be playmates!